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Thank you for visiting our site. RMG Videos provides instructional videos for the Woodworking industry. RMG Videos LLC is owned and operated by Scott Green and is located in North Bend, Washington.

Guitar Making Videos: We are currently working on a series of videos that takes you through all of the steps in creating a guitar from scratch using your CNC machine.

Please continue to visit our site for the latest updates to our Woodworking video series.

The current series will consist of 5 separate videos. Volumes 1 and 2 cover the guitar body, and are currently complete. Volumes 3 and 4 will cover the guitar neck, and volume 5 will cover Finish and Assembly


  • Volume 1: Body Modeling
  • Volume 2: Body Machining
  • Coming Soon:

Volume 1: Guitar Body Modeling. This video shows you all of the steps required to model your guitar body in Aspire v2.5 by Vectric Software.

Introductory Price: - $49.99

Even if you have never built a guitar before, this video series will show you all the steps required to create an instrument that you will be proud of.


Volume 2: Guitar Body Machining. Picking up where Volume 1 left off, this video shows you all of the steps required to machine your guitar body on your CNC machine. This video covers toolpaths, jigs, body blank construction and final cutout and carving of your guitar body.

The cutting operations are performed on a Shopbot CNC system. If you are using a machine other than a shopbot, the steps are described in a way that will allow you to easily adapt the methods to your CNC machine and software.

Introductory Price: - $49.99

Watch for new videos in this series.

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